Friday, January 22, 2010

Brains... yummy.

I'm trying different techniques to make this dude more creepy. Still not sure of his gender, but DH believes he needs buttcheeks, so he'll have buttcheeks. And hair. Oh yes, and he'll wear flannel.

His mouth looks too friendly. I can only hope the red part is from eating the brains of his peers.

- jess


Celeste Bergin said...

...are you sure he has to be creepy? He's going to fight to be charming, I think. :)

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

You know what vegan zombies say, don't you? Graaaains! Graaaains!

I was going to ask you - you said you got the FFA line, did you have any unicorn scraps to trade for other designer stuff? I never got any of the FFA line but i'd like to have a few unicorn and princess/pea scraps.

jess said...

Oh that is awesome! A vegan zombie. Right now he looks rednecky, he's got a wool beard and I'm making him a hobo bag on a stick. Pics to come!
I would love to trade, I have tons left over. I bought mostly fat quarters and some have barely been touched. (some may NOT have been touched at all, I'll look through)
Celeste, you may be right. *I* wanted him to be creepy but he is too charming! Thank you for the comment! :)