Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Same Shit, Different Day.

Sort of, anyway. Nicky's behavior is getting a wee bit more dangerous. He's always had an elopement issue (running off) but we've kept him safe. We bolted the doors and we both check them before bedtime, along with bunjee'ing the fridge and the pantry. We lock the downstairs bathroom, because he'll flood it. We shut off the water to the upstairs bathroom. Our windows are all set up so he cannot open them past 3", except for our bedroom, which is locked, unless we're up there with them.

He always wakes us up when he gets up.

Well, at 5:30 am today, he sure did not.

He busted out. He grabbed a stool (I didn't even know he could pick it up!) and he moved it to the door and he un-bolted it. Got outside. Opened our two neighbors' vans. (**an aside: I live in an apt complex, fortunately (?) and these people are friends!**) One of the neighbors wasn't asleep yet- he's a night owl- and he grabbed N and brought him in, called up to us. He's a close family friend who has BTDT with his own.

We got alarms for the doors this morning once the kids were at school. We'll hear the alarm in our bedroom, but he won't hear it at the front door. We tested it and it works great.

Despite him being a major pain in the ass, I love him so much... in fact, I love him FOR being a pita. He's mama's baby and dada's boy... (Tony is mama's big boy and dada's burrito boy.) As time goes on, I occasionally become more afraid that I'll lose him... however, we'll persevere and we'll keep him safe. We're a happy, loving, close, completely whacked-out-of-our-mind family and we're going to stay that way. haha. :)

Sewing: I get some time to do that, but not much. I expect that to improve tomorrow!

See? I've been doing some strange things. The denim is from a favorite pair of jeans that blew out someplace you don't want to see. The puffiness between the stitches is a sensory joy. The lavender, I dyed that a while back. I don't want to dye fabric again. My hat goes off (and my money flies out) to those with the courage and the desire to dye fabric!

Something old, something new... something ...hmm, something from the back of a quilt and from the swap shop, and something blue? Not in that order, though.

Playing around with saturation, I was able to show off the wrinkly puffiness I love so much!

I tried. I honestly tried. I am not very good at all at taking pictures. OBVIOUSLY. This below is insanity. I felt lost, sitting at the table... which is where I sew. I had no pull to work on my basket blankies (my ongoing projects) so I had to do something! I grabbed three baskets of scraps and some bigger pieces and I let my fingers do the rest. I didn't care about color or shape. I LOVE this thing... it reminds me of one I did a while back.

I cannot get this whole blanket in one shot. Things are changing... I have removed some things here, and I've added some things there. My favorite author, I paraphrase, said this: 'A man can't step into the same river twice. The man changes, and the river changes.' I don't know what I'm doing- I can't possibly. There is a perverse- and thrilling- comfort in knowing that.

Peace, love, hugs, black coffee, and piece of mind to everyone.

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