Sunday, November 15, 2009

Color and comfort-

Not much to say. Ok that's a load of BS. Nothing much INTERESTING to say. Well, except that I ordered some fabric here and there off Oh how I love thee. Silk kimono clippings... hand dyed silk, shibori...

Hobo quilt! I cannot tell you how much I love making this one. I haven't taken my sewing machine out of the closet in months. I want to make another one of these, but in black, gray, and white. Maybe a dash of salmon pink.

Croup, the one I started when Tony was sick. Grey cat wants to steal the limelight, of course. We have two kitties now- White Cat, who has been with the family for ...8 years, I think. And this little dude, Grey Cat, who came from a neighbor who loved him, but whose 2 year old munchkin didn't do so well with him.

Edging! I blew the ass out of my favorite jeans, so now they're being used to *hug* my blankie. Plaid fabric: LL Bean from the SS. The long strings that came off the pants when I tore them into strips were used as some of the stitches in the Hobo blankie... what a neat way to recycle.

Nicky wouldn't let me take a decent picture. He used the toilet every time we reminded him to do so today. He also did something vile to the carpet. But as long as he was reminded, he did so well!!!

Mama loves her bebes. :o)


Deborah said...

cute kitty and adorable boy

ArtSparker said...

Interesting facial far ahead does he plan?