Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swag Time!

I was waiting to get my hair and eyebrows done this morning. I get my hair done a few times a year, and I hadn't done my eyebrows since July/ Aug. It perks me up a bit when I get a little treat like that. I would rather put the money elsewhere usually!
Yes. Well, back to the story. Killing time... kid free, M says, 'What should we do?' Silence. "We could go to the antique place on Rankin Street." he says. Begrudgingly, but wanting to make him happy and make HIM feel spoiled, I went. They have a great staff and a cute, gigantic dog.

I found *so* many fabrics, cloths, quilts... I picked up a few and I love them more than any quilt shop find I've bought, ever. So many deals!


(the fabric to the right, those are jammie pants I found at the swap shop a few yrs ago, and they marinated in the closet till I found a place for them... I think I have one now!)

Only a little bit of the swag I snagged. That fabric at the bottom left, I adore. I've had a few prints similar over the years... I think they're 50's prints, kind of a home on the range feel.

Ooooh. Almost twin sized quilt top, all hand stitched. ::whispers:: $18!

MORE swag. Oh how I love these prints.

I am still trying to get the hang of this new camera. It's a Sanyo 12 S1275. Wish me luck.

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