Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I wanna go back...

GOSH I love me some Eddie Money.

We finally got a new camera. I'll be damned ("Most Likely..." <-- Satan's Cheerleaders) if I can get it just right. But below is some fun. I'd been stitching here and there, on lots of things that I really don't know if you want to see, frankly. Then Saturday- nothing, I couldn't *do* anything, despite desperately wanting to do something.

Then Tony woke up at 10 pm and he couldn't breathe. This is my 1 lb preemie guy, now a 40 lb 6 year old. He has always been very healthy. He was coughing, had a fever, etc. Well I know that everyone says that when a kid has those symptoms, it's croup, take 'em outside in the fresh air. My emt basic class kicked in instead... stridor, blocked airway, go to ER. And I am not an ER fan. (the people there are awesome, but the germs sure aren't)

After a night spent there, I couldn't sleep, because M had to work about 1.5 hrs after we got back, and I know that Nicky would have turned the place upside down.

Lack of sleep. Completely whacked out of his head #2 son. Sick but getting better #1 son. Croup. That's it! This is croup.

More pics to come, I just need to figure out how to get fabulous pics with this camera.

Mama's boy with a late birthday present, since all hell broke loose this summer and he couldn't get what I wanted to give him then. Note that all the crayon is off the wall, courtesy of mama spending an hour with Mr. Clean eraser.

Mama's baby, my new pillow, and this is pre-stealing Tony' game. (he got a different toy, but he wanted this and the box... @@)

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