Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Frozen Milkshakes, Batman!

It got cold really fast. But this keeps me warm!!!

These are some $1.99 batik dyed remnants from the quilt shop... I think they're rayon but they feel like the softest cotton. I generally cannot stand the feel of fabric that isn't cotton- except the occasional wool and *maybe* silk. But this fabric is fabulous.

Just before Midnight- Darkness falls across the land... the midnight hour is close at hand... not sure if that's exact but it's how I remember that great song from my childhood:

A picture of Mike took of the hahbuh, bub. Right wicked, guy.

loves ya,
- jess


ArtSparker said...

Watched a film called Lobster Tale, set in Maine, recently, which I would recommend only for the spectacular and extremely varied efforts of the cast to achieve Maine accents - everything from Texas to Sloane Square.

jess said...

oooh those are hilarious! Tom Bosley is the worst offender!