Saturday, October 10, 2009

Continued Usefulness

I'm getting slightly better at manipulating the camera. Sandra, over at My Inspired Heart- check my faves- she is my hero.

So, most of the fabrics I got turned out to be rather delicate. I loved them for what they once were, and I love them for what the are.

This one is a critter. : )

EYE will be watching you. Heh. This thing is so thick in places that it's an absolute pleasure to touch and to cuddle. Via advice from Jude (go there now!) I am not using batting- just layers of fabric. The feel is wonderful.

Then, I found a stack of cloth diaper inserts that were falling apart. Wanting to keep them a part of the family still, they are here and there and everywhere in this blankie. I got nostalgic. I found the mattress- like print that my grandmother (Grammy) had stashed in a box of treasures. This I found to be odd, since she didn't sew, and this was the only piece. I still have some left over; it was only a 5x5" square, roughly. Then, the stockings I got at the antique place... an older than me, unused, dishtowel, some flannel. The blue and the white down there is so soft!

So soft!

Two of hearts, who remembers that song? haha.

Off to play. Have a great day. :o)


ArtSparker said...

You are doing some lovely work.

Gail :) said...

It looks like you are sooooo enjoying yourself!
ok what is embarrassing is that I loved that song! More embarrassing is that I remember when the girl that sang it was on The Facts of Life, when they owned the eighties store, and her name was cinnamon LOL! I used to pretend my barbie's name was cinnamon and she was the wonderful singer of that great song LOL