Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A post without pictures!

Finally got my computer back after being away from it for ages... well, a few weeks. I have been doing a ton of sewing. Inspiration comes and goes...

Kids are fine, although Nick went through some hell with the school... he's got autism (pretty severe symptoms, despite him being a gorgeous cuddly charmer!) and they didn't structure his day, just kept him in a room and took him for walks and to play, and tons of love from the staff, parents, and kids... but he needed structure and boundaries... and I cut him back, getting him out at 12:30'ish every day. Now he's better than ever! He's back to being my Nicky pants. My eating-the-cat food, dragging his forehead across the window, oven door slamming, flooding, PITA perfectly lovable Nicky love. And yes, he does lick the windows. ; ) hehe.

I'm trying to find myself with sewing... I love spontaneously grabbing bits of fabric and stitching them, and I love trying to sew my dreams (pics to come), and I love making traditional quilts. I haven't used my sewing machine in ages, except for a quickie pillow dealy.

- jess


Aimee said...

Enjoy the unplugged life! Glad Nicky is back to himself!

debbie said...

Dear Jess,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I would join your blog but I did not see a place to join.
My prayers are with your family as Nicky is back to himself. I had a friend whose child had autism and although he was loving and cuddly, he just about destroyed every material thing they owned and there were very difficult days to say the least.
I would love to learn how to sew, especially quilt.
Angel Hugs