Friday, August 14, 2009

Tick tock you don't stop...

Slightly unrelated: Tahitian Hip-Hop will help you discover muscles you didn't even know you had.

My experiment: Step outside of my comfort zone. My comfort zone is everything lining up JUST SO, and geometrically sensible.

WELL then.

I have some new, some old fabrics... embroidery, lace, different textures; some seams are on the back, and some pieces are sewn overlapping other fabrics. I'm doing this because it's what my hands want to do... not because it makes sense, or because someone might love it. *I* love it. Every piece was placed where it was, because at the moment it was placed, it felt good to see those pieces together.

You know when you were a kid- or, even now, as an adult, if you are lucky--- when you put together those journals for school (or home) and you took the stamps to them, stickers, different colored pens, markers, crayons- anything goes, right? Whatever feels good. That's what this is for me. And it feels fantastic and liberating. And exciting. And I am well aware that it's just fabric.

I feel about this project the way I used to feel about music as a kid: I would practice my flute for HOURS every single day, for years. I was first chair. I loved it. I would play random notes and make up songs, many that I didn't even write down, because at that moment, it was important for my insides to come out- to clear my head and make room for psychological and spiritual growth. So every spare moment, I am working on this quilt, this fabric.

FAITH. A big part of who I am. Through all the hell on earth, faith (in anything) will carry you through.

A face. The lips, I love.

Critters... with TEETH!


Aimee said...

Wow - I think you have found your niche in quilting! Congratulations on creating ART!

Anonymous said...

awesome! I love it!