Monday, August 24, 2009

Slow your roll, Beavis.

The little pieces, I give all my attention... just like we do with our kids... and as they get bigger, we trust that they can do some things on their own, so we back off a bit... we give it space.

I caught myself doing that with the quilt.

I am not going to un-do it, but I AM going to give more detail again... I'm giddy with excitement to see the finished item, and I need to slow down and focus. I love having these little bits of detail here and there; sometimes it's so miniscule that only I would notice it and that's a secret between the quilt and myself.

I think the binding looks neat with these prints. It's a Batik that Nicky picked out at Jo Ann's.

The back. Those colors are fabulous together. I need to do one quilt that is only black, white, and red.

Hopefully more later!


Anonymous said...

I love your new blog layout!

ArtSparker said...

I like your philosophy of quilting. Did you come tom my blog through Jude?

Eva said...

The scissors look so intimidating. There should be other tools for enhancing the quilt, I guess. Perhaps it just needs a bit more contrast.

jess said...

Art: I believe I did! I adore your page, and I will look daily for all your wonderful updates!

Maybe it could use a little something else. I love squares and I love checkerboards, maybe I could incorporate that.

I'm so used to the rigidity of traditional quilting that 'being free' still feels foreign.