Monday, August 10, 2009

New adventures through the needle...

I have been doing -a great deal- of hand sewing lately. It's self regulating, and using up my scraps has made me feel like I'm doing the right thing, that I'm being thrifty. And, of course, that justifies more stashing, right? You're damn right it does.

I'm not entirely feeling the love with these anymore... but I think I'll finish it into a lap-sized quilt for the couch or the car. I believe the hex's finish into about 2" or a little smaller. I'm not using papers, and the seams are scant. I'm pressing them to the side, which is off for me- I usually press them open. But I'm hand stitching throughout, and the seams are so tiny, that this is the only sensible thing to do. (for me, anyway... don't get offended, y'awl.)

Each patch has it's own attitude... The pink one is all diva, and the brown one evokes fall, and the white, gosh, white? With all boys? Time to reload the crack pipe.

Random. This just sort of hit me last night, perusing the hand quilting pictures on the net. It got me thinking, and it got me excited: Don't be afraid, try something new... a Carlin quote piped in, 'make your own path, even if it doesn't go anywhere.'

So. Homey. Not like Homey-G. I got out my favorite flannel prints, and an old LL Bean chamoix that I found at the swap shop that had holes in it, some beads, buttons, and fabrics that looked and felt *fabulous.* I put them in an arrangement that looked pleasing at the time... I'm trying to branch out, and plug in something besides square. See that striped flannel up there that feels so soft you can't resist touching it? I need to try circles... applique... embroidery. I don't know why this piece is happening; it's like a new beginning, new energy, NO FEAR. Who cares if it looks like a dump when it's done. It's going to be a soft, snuggly, homey looking dump and it'll be a dump you'll want to snuggle.

On the red: I attached the plaid to the blue flowers with the plaid overlapping, and I used little stitches, two rows, to look cute. Then I threw in one line in the middle for decoration. It feels good to do it and it feels good to look at it. Hard to see on the bottom right, but that's some beading I threw in. I have had these in the closet for years. I made one stitch in the fabric, then I threaded on a bead, and I made another stitch right next to where the bead sits, and that secures the bead. Then I repeat. It's tedious, but ...cathardic? I don't know.

It's fun, anyway. :-D And 'mind palate cleansing.'

--- jess

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Aimee said...

Love it, Home Slice! : )