Sunday, August 16, 2009

looking through the heat...


New things... lots of Heather Ross... and I FINALLY found out the story today behind her drama. I will be blowing $100 (if possible, and more!!!) on this new line before it's extinct, hopefully next week. Right now I am on the prowl for organic fabrics, and loosely woven fabrics. And scraps. Let me know if you want to get rid of some.

CHAOS! The neat freak in me, the person who needs geometry in a quilt, is bound and gagged, and I'm not sure where she is. This is soooo fun. And soft. And a tactile dream. My youngest son, Nicky, he craves stimulation. He will often take materials and rub them up against his face and lips... breathing it in. I think he gets that from me.

Angora meets flannel. :-D

What I believe to be a '50's print, and I have some more... I got it at the swap shop over a year ago.

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