Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's like night and day.

Finished this last night instead of joining Mike and some friends for a beer. Hah. Sorry the shot is blurry, I can't seem to get a decent pic of ANYTHING with this camera.
In the end, I love this thing. It's on the big chair in our living room right now. Final measurements are about the size of a really big receiving blanket, or maybe two small ones.

So what's next? Chinese/ Japanese prints, from my local quilt shop. To touch this fabric is divine. Such a soft, fabulous drape.
Sometimes, like writing a story, it's hard to start sewing... you just have to jump in, and fill the beginning parts in later.

The Chinese kids prints are so sweet... I look at them and I smile!

This part here, I think I will repeat throughout the quilt- which, by the way, will ideally be for our bed. And it's seamless!!! And it will stay that way. My method is to take an old white square of fabric, and stitch all this on top of it (and to the adjoining pieces, if that makes sense).

Off to the beach to scare the natives with my bathing suit. I'm just crazy enough to do it!
--- jess

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Aimee said...

Great job finishing! Love the little kid print - too cute!!