Monday, August 17, 2009

Home stretch; what's next?

What's next? A few squares to put aside for a quilt someday- patches I can't get out of my head... then, this thing. I can't explain it, I just have to DO it. And it will most certainly involve my new HR prints. :-D

I am almost done with this insane quilt I am doing. It isn't square or rectangular. ::squeals because I'm a freak:: Damn the quilting status quo. This thing has four sides; and on two of those sides, I didn't feel like trimming the blocks back, so there is this piece sticking out and this curve... But I am binding it now and it looks so neat. Primitive, definitely. And WILD. I love it. THIS is the thing that makes me want to dance--- not the quilt itself, but the making of the new path for myself... taking matters into my own hands... not giving a shit, about ANYTHING. Just having fun. Life is short; but it's long, too. It's full of pleasure, if we're willing to feel it.


Totally primitive corner. Mermaid print on one side, and 50's print on the other.

More in progress. This print evokes a time in my grandmother's apartment, and all the old, but fabulous decor she had. Such a comfort to be there... the old-school white plastic mug in which I always had my ginger ale, the owl mug in which I always had my tea with a ton of sugar, dash of milk, and toast for dunking... the pillow with the design that looked like it said 'HE' all over it if you looked at it diagnoally... and that godforsaken Elvis poster she had. I think it was velvet.

This will be a great new cuddle blanket for the couch (for me!!!) or the car (for the kids. grr. I will share if I must. :-)

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