Saturday, August 29, 2009


I HAVE done a little sewing- no, a lot. I am working on diamonds, on a Lone Star kind of quilt. But it's in the closet and I feel a-w-f-u-l so I won't get into sewing till later. I have the flu from head to toe, courtesy of #2 son.

Thanks to the cold weather that has finally returned, I feel like I am in my element again. Finally, I can make strawberry jam that sets. And I can stand being in the kitchen long enough to make bread, pickles (2 batches already!) and cookies for the kids.

This is three ply (Navajo) Blue Faced Leicester I spun up around the beginning of the summer... I am not feeling a whole lot of love for these socks I am making for Mike. I am taking them out, I think. Not sure of what I'm doing with the yarn yet.

Same dyes, different dye job. I thick-and-thin spun this beauty, I think, in the spring. Maybe last fall? I was reading my EZ Almanac book, and I thought I'd make one square for every handspun that I can... since I usually spin sport weight, and thick and thin, I'd have two blankets- one for each weight of yarn. A fiber memory blankie.

Ooooh those colors. I think I'm going to get some merino, and corriedale, and dye 'em up. I'll do one that reminds me of November, in yellow and brown only. And another that reminds me of early fall; in red, brown, orange, plum... do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you want to do? I do, and I don't like having a lot of half finished projects laying around. It's rather a dilemma.

Spun up 2 months (?) ago, plied the other night. She wore a raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaspberry beret...

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ArtSparker said...

I like the earth and sky colors of the Navajo.Have you read the book "Laughing Boy" by Olvier LaFarge? In part about the weaving of rugs and following the trail of beauty.