Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling AMAZING-

Tony started the first grade today, and Nicky started kindergarten. It went well. Tony is in the same class as a few of his classmates from last year. He really did well! Nicky dumped his lunch on the floor, twice. He threw things. He acted up. He got freaked out at all the people (it's an overstimulating environment even for adults!) and... he has great teachers, including a 1:1 and a day program manager that is FABULOUS. She understands him. I love her already, so much. So, it was a rough start, but I'm sure they'll get in a good rhythm for him within the week. (his dumping and throwing and attacking me is an issue) Mike and I had a grrrrrrrreat day together, too. I'm hoping we'll have more like that. :-)

It feels like fall out there. My feet are freezing! I love it. I'm a homemaker at heart, so 'nesting' and canning and freezing and making blankets for the winter feels like pure bliss. I am in my element, after feeling really fucked up this summer. Yes, I used a naughty word. Spank me, I am a baaaad girl. :o)

This is what I'm working on right now.

A star quilt! This one is machine pieced, and I bet it will be machine quilted. These go rather quickly, as I can get one star done within 25 mins, well just the sewing time. I'm going to border the orange with brown, I think... then a border of scraps, then another brown border (that's the plan, anyway) and binding. It's going to be twin sized, since the kids are desperately in need of more quilts. I think I only have two for each...

...some of the best things in life are fresh, and frozen, and local... raspberries, blueberries, honey, and milk, all local. Does a soul good.

Ahh. Dis be a flying geese quilt for my best friend's baby... she's a year old and I haven't made her a quilt yet. Shame on me. It's hand pieced, and it will be hand quilted. This thing is going fast! I just started it yesterday. It's going to be *maybe* 30" square. I'm using some Moda squares I got on sale, it reminds me of a picnic and I think the name has something to do with that.

I leave you with a shot of homemade chocolate syrup, recipe courtesy of this amazing photographer!!!

I am seriously trying not to eat this by the spoonful, as I'm trying to lose enough weight to be able to wear my favorite jeans and breathe in them simultaneously.


myinspired♥{sandra} said... do the star in 25 minutes?!? you are a quilting goddess, you know! that is just amazing to me!

love me a smoothie and that chocolate syrup...yep, i could definitely eat it by the spoon!

glad you're kiddos had a good day back to class and how great to love their teachers! that has to make it sooo much easier.

jess said...

Sandra, the diamonds are bigger than they look, so I am rather cheating. And I'm doing them in strips, and there are only 6 diamonds per strip!

Anonymous said...

you amaze me. I wish I had a fraction of your homemaking tallent. I need to really work on taking care of things and getting out of my funk.

I am so happy that the boys did well with the start of school.

I swear I HAVE to make it up there to meet you in person one day!