Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C'est froid...

Finally cooled off so much tonight that I AM COLD. Fabulous, bout time.
Today has been a rather insane day. But I think it's the last of the really crazy days for a little while. Big stuff, little stuff. However, I end the night knowing I'm blessed; I am grateful, and I have love, and food, and life, and God.

And sewing!
I don't know what I want anymore. I know I love to dabble... I love crazily piecing things together, to amuse myself, and to comfort myself. But I keep looking at these templates I have with imaginary googly eyes, begging me to use them...

I had to do this. As I said, I had a rough day. Mike and I got talking about comfort, and I thought about my softest fabrics. (Minus the HR, we don't toy with that shit. That's being saved for something else.)

So I did this. I kept getting frustrated, and angry, and upset (rough day, I even got zapped by the lamp so bad it melted the metal!) and then, I got excited. Red and blue! Soft and soft and soft. Colors! It looks good to me and it feels so wonderful. I don't even know what to DO with it but I'll do something- save it as a patch for a future quilt, or hang it up somehow, or make it into a pillow... (no, not a pillow...)

This works for me right now. It was one of those blunt, 'YEAH. That's it.' moments. I'm going to use up all the scraps I can. I am planning on doing this one by hand. The grandmother's flower garden dealy I have sitting in the closet... I am going to do two or three flowers per month, and I should have enough for a twin sized blankie by the end of the year.

I can't handle unfinished work, because I always feel too guilty. :-)

The green prints are from Crafty Beana, and the bottom left and right are from a Moda pack I got on sale, and the top two are from that 50's print a few entries down the page. Finished size will be 2" wide for each piece.

That is all. :o) Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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Aimee said...

Cute! Glad you're having fun!