Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The title seems appropriate!

T's quilt, all set to have the binding stitched. I youtubed some help on making the stitches neater, and now they're all but invisible. I love the dots, and the brown... the colors tie in so well with the quilt, and I like having such a dark frame for the quilt. This should be going on his bed tonight! However, it won't be, very likely, because it's too dang hot to have this huge thing sitting on my lap. Rather, it's humid. I guess if I drape it over a chair, I can do it...

This is the Spin-Off shawl I made for Jen, my sister. She has helped us so much this summer, and she's been kinda down, so I knew it would cheer her up. Locally raised, handspun (and plied) and handknit. She loves it. Measurements were about 70" x 35" blocked. It took 4 oz of roughly fingering weight 2-ply.

Another view. I loved it so much I almost didn't want to let it go!

Zis iz new. A few days ago, I decided I needed to hand quilt something- something I could take outside with me, so like a lap quilt or a baby quilt. So I started one out of some stash fabric. I started cutting at night, with *gasp* unironed fabric. I did press all the seams, and I wasn't happy with it at all. Maybe someday soon I'll sew it together and tie quilt it. Maybe not. I sewed through my two index fingers, and the needle broke in two places in my finger. FABULOUS. Didn't hurt too bad after a few mins.

This one, I think, is around 40"x40", haven't measured it yet. Mike loves the green corners. I was amazed at how quickly this came together. I can see myself doing a lot of these. It's a 9-patch turned diagonally, with four triangles to make it square again and two borders.

One thing that bugs me though is that the red border doesn't lay flat. WHY!??

I want to quilt the 9-patch squares to be random circles... and the plain squares will have dragonflies and something else yet to be determined. The blue border will have infinity, and the red one, eh who knows.


Anonymous said...

beautiful! You are so talented.

Aimee said...

Great stuff! LOVE the shawl!

jess said...

Sherry, thanks, you need to get sewing, you'd be an addict in no time. Aimee, ty! I really get in the zone with quilting and knitting, I can't seem to do both at the same time.