Friday, July 24, 2009

So THAT'S what white women's junk looks like...

--- quoted from The Film Crew... can't remember the name of that horrible movie.

Now that I have your attention, check it out.

A really old, but ever so cute Valentine's Day card!

Here's the inside:

A sample of my pickles and jam, that aren't quite vintage yet. ; ) That's bread and butter pickles, and rhubarb/ strawberry jam.

My jars! There's one more now, too. The three on the left were recent finds, and the one on the right, I found sometime last year. It's plastic, very 70's, and I love it... really brings back memories of all the 70's stuff we had, like the pea green/ dull orange/ mellow yellow granny square afghans and the red shag carpeting and the kitchen. :-x

Mike found these. The radio is cleaned up and on display in the living room.

NOT pictured, due to the never-ending rain, is an almost new looking bed frame I got for Nicky that's twin- sized. We'll get the box spring and mattress new.

Guess how much it cost for all that stuff?

Nada. :-D Gosh I love the swap shop. :o)


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

gosh! love all the stuff here! i love those little vintage cards and images, too. actually, i have a contact on flickr that posts tons these images, usually with a license to share them....

and funny about the 70's style....i do love little details about that era, but still have to wonder how in this world mankind survived living with all those colors, lol! they didn't just accessorize with them...they were everywhere! every time i watch Three's Company, i can't help but laugh. But I do love that show...and That 70's Show. I'd just have to cut back on all the orange ;)

jess said...

Sandra, check out sometime. And The first one, oh you will LAUGH... :-D