Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fibah, deah.

Dude, this has been a weird summer. Jen got laid off (sister) but she got a nice severance; Mike was assimilated from his job, then ma, who loved her job but hated her bosses. Ma will move on quickly; Mike just got a job with less (but enough) pay that the loves very much...

... just found out a lovely neighbor died in our apt complex. Like, three weeks ago, and she was just discovered Sunday. I have so many indescribable feelings about it. I can't stop thinking about it... the morbid stuff, like what she looked like (I have emt training so I can imagine...) and what happened... when the windows were opened, the flies, the smell... how could I *not* go check on her... I can tell you, I will nag people to the ends of the earth from now on to make sure they're okay... the bittersweet part of living in an apartment complex is the love and hate.

It's been raining most of the summer; and, in fact, it looks right now like we may get more rain. I haven't done much gardening- none @ mom's... a few containers on our patio here that are doing well. When we can, we get out to the farms for local goodies, and we get outside to play with our friends during the day. (and we adults play at night... nothing like having a few and going down the tunnel slide or pounding on a friend's door to tell them we're the po-po's... lol)

But, life is pretty good. Immediate family is healthy and happy. Well, Nicky was crabby today but I think he's a natural curmudgeon. We're getting a cockatiel next week and Mike's getting a cockatoo in a month or so.

And here are some crafty thingies I have been working on lately.

Extremely fine spun polypay/ finn cross I got from etsy. (I love etsy, I only recently discovered them!!!) A pen is included for scale. It's about as fine as sewing thread. I'll 2-ply it with the intentions of making a shawl... since I'm spinning it on a spindle, who knows when it'll be done. Probably by September. The spinning, that is, NOT the shawl. ; )

A shawl for my sis using the the handspun pictured in my previous post and a pattern out of Spin Off. Using size 7 circulars, and the yarn is kind of a fingering weight. It looks distorted here, but lace knitting usually does until it's washed and blocked. Then, it transforms dramatically. I think I'll be done with this within a week.

Hand dyed BFL!!! I love this stuff. The multi-colored fiber is going to be 2-ply lace or fingering weight spun for a shawl for ma for Christmas. The purple will be spun up fingering weight and made into socks for me.

MORE BFL, and this is a sock for Mike. This stuff is 3-ply Navajo style. The colors are soooo much better in person. Next to it is the angora/ merino scarf I'd been working on till the humidity hit.

This is more of the Navajo plied yarn... and some samples of the pink hand dyed stuff pictured above, draped over the top... the white colored yarn is alpaca.

Ba da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I'm lovin' it.

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Anonymous said...

you are so crafty! Everything you make is so gorgeous! It's been raining a lot down here this summer too but it's been in the mid to upper 90's most of the time.