Monday, July 6, 2009

Crack that whip!

You'll be singing that all day. Feel free to thank me later. ; )

Some very random things around here:

Tony did this. I didn't think much of it till Mike pointed out that the zebra was in the middle, and the little guys were on one side (with four legs on the ground) and the tall, 2-legged dudes were on the other side. Rock on, dude. He also drags my sewing case around, pretending it's a casket, humming the death march, just like they do on Monty Python. We haven't had cable since roughly the time Nicky was born, so we watch old videos. Got a classic Pooh we watched tonight, the one from the 70's with three episodes. I love me the classics.

Mike, visiting a friend, Harley! This was taken either before or after he tried to steal Mike's coffee.

Mike and Tony at the car show in Owl's Head! It was the second time this year they went, too. They both love old cars, so this is their special time together. Nicky doesn't really like those shows, but he DOES love to hang out with his dada on the patio, enjoying the afternoon with his blankie and a radio.

This summer has yet to go as planned: more than 2 weeks of rain; Mike losing his job so the camping trips are on hold till the end of the summer; best friend lost her place, but she's moving close by again so we'll be within walking distance of each other... but it's been WONDERFUL.

Little precious moments are what make up a full, happy life... Nicky and I made peanut butter cookies tonight. There is very little he'll do without a fight with me, but he is in his element in the woods and in the kitchen. My silent chef. ; )

Catching Tony pissing into the field within eyeshot of a grouchy neighbor who doesn't like screaming kids...

reading to the boys, whether they're listening or not... tending our patio garden (and soon, our big garden at mom's place)...

barbecues at mimi's with the picnic table in the tent so we don't get wet and the mosquitos stay away... sparklers with the neighbors/ friends...

all four of us running (slowly!) into the ocean the other day to cool off, and Mike wussing out but I dove in and Nicky didn't want to leave, then TONY wanted to throw just *one* more rock in the ocean before we left... and Tony dropping his shorts in front of two girls I knew from school on the way to the car! (they have boys, too)

... and you know what I KNOW I'll remember forever? The sound of Whack-O-Mole when the house is quiet, and Tony's Nintendo game, and his Leapster... Thomas the Tank Engine (although to be fair, I watched it in high school). Late nights, like tonight, when #2 son won't go to bed and he keeps sneaking back down, so one of us goes back up to get him to sleep. The TV is off, the fan is on, it seems perfect. (I must have the fan on at all times!!!)

Okay so anyway: Mike and #1 son.

On to the knitting: I've been barely plugging away at this scarf, despite how much I love the yarn. It is so soft. And if you spin it finely enough, it's affordable! And it takes more time to spin this 2-ply laceweight yarn, and to knit it up, so it's more bang for your buck fifty, deah.

However! I *have* been drop spindling some amazing, local alpaca. Also 2-ply, and here sits about 425 yards, from 4 ounces. So I guess it's lace/ fingering weight. But gosh, it's heavenly. It's going to be a Christmas or birthday shawl for someone who really deserves it. Not sure if she reads here so I won't go much further than that. We'll pick up some more of this fiber, hopefully this week, so I can spin up another 400-500 yards (eeek! and gulp.) and I'll have enough for the shawl.

MMM... alpaca...

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Gail :) said...

It sounds like you have been having a Great Summer!!! It is strange how sometimes in the midst of everything going wrong, the best "life" moments happen. I Love that Nicky loves to cook! My sweet little Carter is the silent kitchen helper too! I say silent, sometimes when excited he lets out a little noise :) But he loves the kitchen and ROCKBAND!!! For real. He made up his own "sign" to tell us he wants to play. WHich has been everyday for the past 2 years LOL! He doesn't use signs, because he can't?! If that makes sense.
I bet the peanut butter cookies were the best ;) Oh and that yarn looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.