Friday, June 12, 2009

Quilts and Great Nana-isms...

Tony stole my soda. He looks busted.

Loves his new game! This was his big birthday present, a DS lite or something like that. Hey, I play The Sims 2 on the computer. I don't know what these gadgets are. I had to ask a 9 year old to explain it to me.

Quilt: Just picked this up again after not really working on it for a while. I get in knitting grooves, then quilting and sewing grooves. I have decided that I should probably not do the stipple-type quilting by hand- while I find it fun, I don't like how it looks. I guess I am not doing it right. I need to get more fabric so I can finish T's quilt- it looks exactly like the one pictured below, but it's bigger. The colors make me happy... and I *love* using the white. You know what I *really* love about it? I can pad out the pricier fabrics with plain fabrics. Speaking of plain, I think I'm going to try some Amish goodies- like 'Diamond in a Square.' Simple= cheaper. :-D

Mr. Potato Head models... (this is Mike)

Oh yeah, finished this thing, too. Fair Isle Vest by AS (her book of Fair Isle knitting techniques)... took the chart from an adult sweater, made it for the kid. I love natural colors, but I was almost aching for some COLOR!!!

Next on the slate: babysitting three girls for two moms while Mike does the carpool; getting some more fabric, hopefully tonight, from Alewives and Jo Ann Fabrics...

... and pray that I've secured this place so Nicky can't destroy it anymore! He has a bit of a fixation with water. He, once again, flooded the upstairs earlier in the week. As in, water was running through the kitchen vent and the living room ceiling sprinkler most of that night. We were irritated, but we weren't mad. We're kind of used to it now. We shut off the water to the sink and toilet upstairs at night- flush in the morning. Now, he'll say, 'Oh, NICKY...' and laugh.

He's a pain in the buttcheeks, but he's so cute and he's so worth it.

Great Nana-isms...

...she said that living simply is the key to happiness. The more you want, the less happy you are. Be happy with what you have. Help others. She worked in the kitchen of her church making chicken pies till she was well into her 90's, and she traveled through Scotland, England, and across Canada at that age. She canned jams and made pickles from her own produce as much as she could. She was always a hard worker, and she was known as the town's nanny, because she babysat so many kids. Very proud of her heritage, too... which she shared with me frequently.
Her mother always told her (and she told all of us) to pay attention to what we're doing, and to do our best; to do it right the first time. Take care of yourself; don't let everyone else take care of you if you are able to do it yourself.

She was a real lady! During the summer, I think about her more, because that's when she made jams, and we were out of school, and we could pay her the occasional visit. Now I'm the one making the jams and pickles, sharing the family stories, making the quilts and cookies and trying to live by her words. I don't think it's in my plan to be exactly like her, but her words continue to polish me into a better person.


Aimee said...

Love the quilt and the sweater - that fair isle must have taken you forever! Or maybe not, since you're obviously a great knitter!

Anonymous said...

love the quilt and sweater! Great Nana sounds like she was a wonderful person.