Saturday, May 23, 2009

You and me, punk rock girl...

So... I broke down, bought a pattern, and I made myself a skirt. It's kind of short and my gathering skills need work. But otherwise, I'm quite proud. And I'm going to make a longer skirt as soon as I get out to fabric shopping again. I bought a bunch of patterns. I feel completely at home making clothing... I can see making myself sweaters (but sewn!) and shirts and boxers for Mike and the boys... and myself some low-rise jammie pants for $6 instead of paying $30 at AE... Oh so much I want to do!!!

Blogger is being a fuckstick... so I can't separate the pictures. On the right, that's the coin quilt, still occasionally plugging away on it.


This is why. I HAD to knit. Knitting is like coming home for me... I think back on my Dad, who passed away in '98, giving me $50, a great card I still have, and Impatients for my birthday that year. With the $50, I bought Folk Socks. I can still feel that summer... I can smell it and I can taste it. Then I get thinking about the first Inishmore I made a few yrs before Tony was born... I remember meeting Mike at his work, about 1.5 hrs from my house, leaving my Jeep there for a 4-5 day weekend, and knitting while he drove us out to NY for a getaway.

<<<- retired mini loaf pan and snapdragons. :-D

...and a little sweater I started for Nicky with an honest-to-goodness good somewhat tweedy wool!

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Gail :) said...

I love "punk rock girl"!
Your skirt is adorable. I wish I knew how to knit! You make such sweet things.