Friday, May 1, 2009

Quilting. It has me in stitches!

That was *so* not funny.

Ahh. Zis iz the Civil War print quilt... baby size. I wanted to play around with the disappearing 9- patch idea, and ironing. I tried ironing the seams to the 'dark side,' as it were, and honestly- if I'm hand quilting, I am much happier with, dare I say it? (DARE! DARE!) open seams. With the tiny stitches I use on the sewing machine sewing the blocks together, they hold up just fine.

I love this little quilt... more practice on the disappearing 9- patch idea. Copied from this site.

Closeup of the bebe quilt I put aside and recently decided to love again. This one is going in the car for cuddle blankies for road trips. Nicky usually has his blankie but Tony doesn't, and it's great to have another one.

The lil blankie, in its glory.

Have you ever had one of those moments, where you finally realize something about yourself that has always been a part of you but you never really faced it, and it makes you feel shocked and a bit sad? Yeah, that was me last night. Despite having more than a fair amount of (non- cocky) faith in myself, I realized that I don't always have faith in my decisions... and I figured out why, and that it's an addiction. If someone asks me what's wrong, I always say, 'nothing, I'm fine!' and I smile and I keep them laughing. I don't want people to think that anything is wrong with me; that I may actually be weak at that moment; that I don't want to be judged unfairly.

I won't post all I realized and why, but I just wanted to say that I'm 31 and I am STILL learning some very important things about myself.

Little Nickles is home with mama today... we've got to hit the grocery store in a bit, and I will very likely be hitting the local quilt shop, Quilt Divas. I love those ladies. They're always supportive and never critical, despite how imperfect my work always is. ; ) I'm on a fat quarter mission... tomorrow, I'm hoping to go to the Alewives quilt shop in Newcastle.


Aimee said...

Love the quilts! I am in awe of your hand quilting - it's so tiny and perfect!

I hear you about not wanting to admit that things are not perfect and exposing weaknesses. Hopefully you have a good place to vent though, when you truly need do it!

jess said...

Thank you, Aimee! It is NOT perfect; I am always inconsistent. I just quilt because it feels good sometimes. You have to live for your pleasures, of course! Other times, I want it to be perfect and I really try.

I do have Mike to vent to, he's wonderful!

Kerri said...

such fun quilts!! i want to try the disappearing 9 patch now!! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome job on the quilts