Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have enough coins!!!

Well, I finished the bebe quilt. It's going up in the hallway on the wall, where I have a little quilt collection going. I've improved quite a bit with my hand quilting skills- I average 10 sts/" consistently (ok fairly consistently, lol) without thinking about it much. Next time I'll quilt to the binding. Next time, I'll do the binding so the corners look right. I have to admit, I love working on quilts, but sometimes I feel like it's not good enough- that everyone else's quilts look better and mine look like shit. I know they look cute. I have to let that go.

I made this! OMG, this is the couch quilt. I also made a top for a twin size quilt for Tony's bed. This one here is actually made from leftovers.

Hand quilting: up close and personal. I love the blue in that patch, with the red.


Aimee said...

Beautiful! The colors in the coin quilt are so soothing - perfect for a nap! Your hand quilting is fabulous!

Mrs. Doodle said...

Hey Jess... I don't know what happened with my rss feed but somehow your blog hasn't been updating. I am fixing it now!

I love your blog!!! I love these quilts. You are so talented girl!