Friday, April 3, 2009

Quilting mojo!!!

Oh those little stitches. How I've missed hand stitching. I really do not like piecing. But I loooooove me some hand quilting. I didn't measure the length of the stitches, because frankly, I don't give a shit. I will at some point, I'm guessing I'm almost consistently 8 sts/". It really doesn't matter. I've said it a lot- I love all quilts, all stitch lengths; even, uneven, who cares. It's all beauty. Most of these fabrics are from the contest I won a while back!

Front of the bebe quilt, which I will probably hang onto, and keep in the car for Tony to cuddle, since Nicky always has his own blankie.

Back of the quilt. I think the fabric on the left is the only fabric in this quilt that I didn't get in that contest! I got that fabric at the local quilting shop, it was in kind of a vintage-y section. I prefer vintage type fabrics to most others...

But there has also been spinning- I bought this fiber from The purple fiber I am spinning now- this will be for socks... the one in the back, maybe the same. I love handspun merino for socks. It doesn't exactly hold up forever, but it's nice while it lasts. -->

And of course, knitting. These are pants for Nicky, and the damn legs are 16" long. He's 4 and he's short... why are these so long? I'm knitting them on 5's and the yarn is all leftover stuff that was in the closet. Some of the yarns, I actually bought before BOTH boys were born. I think this justifies more shopping, since my yarn stash is down to a few skeins of lace mohair, some lace/ sock yarn (just a few skeins) and some leftover handspun. :-D

Right now, I'm waiting on some BFL yarn to come in so I can dye the heck out of it--- two skeins will be in fall colors... I was inspired by Type O Negative... their music is a big part of me. The dark part of me, of course. And I'm waiting on some yarn from knitpicks... that organic cotton they just got in worsted... designing a really neat beach bum sweater for the kidlets.

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Gail :) said...

I am so far behind in my blog reading/writing.
I LOVE the quilt. You are awesome! I wish I would get motivated and sew some stuff together.