Monday, April 13, 2009

Dyeing to knit?

I am so pissed at this fucking organic cotton sweater. I had to fight Nicky to get measurements, he hates tape measures. I wrote a pattern for a sweater for him- I've written a lot of lil sweater patterns over the past 10 yrs. It won't go over his head without crisco. Not to mention he wouldn't let me try it on him with the needles still in the sleeve- trying to catch him was like trying to catch a greased pig. I'm going to have Mike take it out later, I don't have the heart. I'll start it again either tonight or tomorrow, with some much better measurements for Mr. Melon Head. Although I have to admit, I about died laughing trying to catch Nicholas.

So. I dyed some yarn... this yarn is all for me, to make little pants and soakers. The fall colored yarn, I dyed some for a friend, too, and she loves it. I think hers is more yellow...

This is the fall yarn all scrunchied up.

This is the fall yarn I adore... BFL!

This is more BFL, I dyed it today. I was aiming for more yellow but I do love the extra green and I kept adding it, lol. It right tickles me, bub.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous colors!!!