Monday, March 23, 2009

Throw the teacher overboard and listen to her scream...

You know I'd teach my kid that version.

It is so hard to get my kids to behave for a pic.
Tony, peeved that I took his Leapster away to get a pic... Please notice that, for wahtever reason, Nick wanted my outside chair right next to the couch.


"Ok- gimme the game."

Look at that impish smile... the eyebrows. Trust me, this is not good. This means, "I know I'm cute and I am going to screw with this kid and look cute so she won't get mad."

Knitting stuff- Still no sewing right now. I may work on something this week. I have to send off a soaker and Gena's shorts tomorrow. We had the carpets done today and the past week has been very chaotic. But I have been dreaming of finishing my Irish Chain Quilt top so I can hand quilt it. And I want to make a baby quilt to hand quilt- I'll give it to the nephew or someone I actually like that's having a baby... or keep it around here as a wall hanging or for the kids. Those little 40" blankies are perfect in the car when it's still chilly, or for rest time at school. Damn, I should make a stack of them for kindergarten and the preschool.

Hike with Mike colorway- medium-ish soaker. It's a tester for a really nice lady whose addy I do not have yet. I have to get that. It is, by far, my favorite dye job in the past 5 years... back when we traveled more (and we had the money to do it, and no kids) we went to Bodega Bay twice- both times, I went to a great shop in Sebastopol and I bought so much yarn... and I had brought fiber that I'd dyed @ home to spin. I still have some of that yarn and it will always remind me of the second trip- the one where we took ma and we spoiled her rotten, and we had that bunny who kept visiting us... and we went to the building where The Birds was filmed... the really great bread shop in the middle of nowhere, not to mention WINE AND CHAMPAGNE! Oh, sorry, sparkling wine. Whatever.

This one, I really didn't love as much. But the more I knit it, the more I like it for what it is. (Lesson in life, people...) This, too, is a medium, and unless someone bribes me, I am giving it to Nicky. We worked on pt'ing all weekend. I put him on the potty. He said 'pee pee potty' clear as day. Then he walked over to the couch and he pissed on the floor. ::headdesk::

Bottom of the pic- angora fiber I bought at Fiber Frolic (we're going this year!!!) and I spun, and some fiber I just dyed last week. I love it. I don't know how it's spelled properly, but Je t'adore. (Dad was Quebec French!) Not sure how I'm going to spin it yet, but I was thinking of a 2-ply this time because I want to play. I love spinning my own yarn for soakers and pants, but I also love commercial yarn. So I guess I'll still play with both. :-D

Have a great... time.

(I really didn't know how to end this post!)

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