Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dad used to say that a lot. His family is from Quebec and he spoke French... which I do, just a little. I'm brushing up on it.

We've got our old camera working- no longer have the new one... ask Mike the logic on that. So I can't get the hang of this one yet... but here are a few lil updates.

These are socks and mittens I made a few years ago... I love the orange and purple ones the most. The kids have long since outgrown all of these. Oh and the striped yellow and purple, them's mittens. Anyway, after finding these in a drawer, I just have to make more socks for the kids. Nicky loves the socks and blankies I make for him.

Took a few days off from knitting- got back into it, and I added a few inches onto it last night. I could make a pair of wool pants for the kids in a week or less, because I'm obsessed... and bedtime... I sit outside the kids' doors to make sure they don't get up.

And, the quilt. I just cut out a ton more squares... I prefer to trace around a 3" square, rather than use the ruler. I just do. It doesn't matter that it isn't as easy. It's for my pleasure. I love, love Irish Chain Quilts. It feels like this is going to take forever... but if I do big sections on it every day, I should get the top done within a week or two. It does go quick when I get going on it, but I always have to jump up for phone calls, cleaning, cooking... then when the kids get home, tickle fests to keep them out of trouble...
As much as I LOVE working on this top, I can't wait to finish it. I want to make a doll quilt, but I don't want to have two projects going at once. I may break down and do it anyway. My little system is to have one top done (to hand quilt) and one I'm piecing on the machine. It's ok if I get a build-up of tops, as long as they're finished tops.

And this! I made a pocket diaper for $1.75 out of discounted fleece at Jo Ann Fabrics that I picked up over a year ago. Not perfect, not by a long shot. I used recycled elastic and velcro from an old diaper that was literally in shreds. I ordered some PUL and swedecloth (sp?) and some aplix and good elastic... I am going to look up a pattern in a little bit. We need a printer so I can print up the patterns at home. Nicky wore it last night, till he woke up and took it off, which is why we sometimes call him Naked Nicky. M said it held up great; I haven't seen it yet.


Gail :) said...

I can't believe you are posting about making AIO's. I was just looking up how to make some. I cloth diapered Gina and gave them away (they were girly anyway). They are twice as much now than when I bought them for G. I loved Lucy's Hope Chest brand. I need to make night time ones anyway. Let me know what you find. Where do you get PUL?

jess said...

Gail, this is where I got the fabric:
And it should be here any day. A
few friends of mine have ordered from them and they've given rave reviews.

For the pattern, I am going to make a pocket dipey out of either a pattern on that site or someplace; there is a free pattern on that website.

I'm making some fitteds to go with the soakers and pants I have made up here. I can force the lad to stay in these, haha.

Gail :) said...

I had an adorable pink soaker with a dragonfly on it :( He wouldn't have worn them anyway. I am going to check the site out. Thanks ;)