Monday, March 9, 2009


No quilting. Maybe later today. Right now, I'm madly in love with my own yarn I made. I bought the roving (last summer/ fall), dyed it, spun it up, and here it is: A small soaker, in progress:

I really don't think the camera is doing any justice to just how pink this really is... and at the bottom? that's a brownish rust color. It's cloudy, and I tried this shot throughout our place today.

Zis iz a newborn soaker, also from handspun, BFL- just like the yarn above. What a pleasure it was to knit! The colors make me so happy... I don't think I've ever spun yarn that I haven't loved, even though it never comes out as planned. That's the fun of it though... if you're a perfectionist *cough* and you get all pissed off because things don't always come out as you've planned, it's a great lesson in loving things for exactly what they are.

Soaker's got BACK!

Nicky's shorts, all done. They were going to be pants but what the hell, they're shorts now. They're a little snug on him, but that's how I planned 'em- he craves sensory input from everything, so I thought if these were snug, he'd be so happy he wouldn't take them off. It didn't work. :-x But they fit and they're very cute!

I'm hoping that, by the next time I post, I can post some news, and some more quilting pics.


Anonymous said...

those are really cute!
Is a soaker something that goes over a cloth diaper? Just wondering...cause I have thought about cloth diapering if I ever have another child.

jess said...

Yes, I put them over all cloth diapers for the most part (at night, anyway) but they're especially great for fitteds and prefolds that have snappis or velcros. To me, they're lifesavers, because they keep the bebe and the bed dry and warm at night.