Saturday, March 7, 2009

How about some more beans, Mr. Taggert?

I can't get that line out of my head. Viva Blazing Saddles!

I've been knitting- almost no sewing.

These little pants, I made a while back. It's handspun, hand dyed yarn (BFL!) and it's quite soft. Size small. I'm selling them for $40. I do have more pics. It has a nice tall rise and the legs are on the skinny side- otherwise, they'd fit a medium! They are soooo soft- it's worth mentioning that again.

This is an experiment... and it turned out well. It's fair isle, knit on size 3 needles. It's a "tall size small;" meaning no crack. :o) This I'm letting go for $45, which is a steal considering all the work that went into it! The yarn is soft, but not as soft as BFL. It does soften with wear and washing... and I've put these Shetland covers on over my very sensitive son's skin with no problems.

I am making these for Nicky, still. I haven't had a lot of time to knit- IEP meeting at N's school, bickering at an amazing and very tolerant (with me!) principal of T's school. Seriously, I love this guy. He does so much for the kids and he's building a great autism program for next year. It is his diligence and confidence that has me believing that Nicky may do alright there. And he's very sweet with Nicky.

^^^ I love those needles. These pants have a gusset crotch, about 11 sts across, nothing major. I prefer to make the rise larger so I don't have to do short rows, I just prefer them that way. I can't wait to finish these, because I'm making Gena a pair of bebe shorts for her youngest (once the yarn gets here and I dye it, and it won't take long after that!) and I'm going to take apart these pants below to make a soaker for Nicky. I remember making these when he was over a year old... damn, has it been that long? (Gena will notice that I said 'long...' we have sick humor, lol.) And at some point, I'll be using up the last of my handspun, hand dyed pink and brown yarn to make a small soaker to put up for sale.


Aimee said...

Beautiful work! The pants are too cute!

Gena said...

I think you are the only one with a sick sense of humor hehehehe I'm pure innocent!