Sunday, March 29, 2009

A break from frustration...

I can't get my business page the way I like it. I don't want to, but I may have to pay someone to do it... omg I can't figure it out. I KNOW what I want but getting it there isn't happening. And I suck at photography, that doesn't help. :o)
Anyway, on with the show:

A while back, Mike accidentally felted these, and he put them where I was unlikely to find them... although he would never admit to hiding them. I'd made these pants, I think, out of cascade or arucania or however that's spelled. They are bulletproof.

Handspun yahn, deah. The bottom yarn is alpaca fiber I bought from Cajun Fibers... I highly recommend them. Very quick turnaround and the product exceeded my expectations.
On top is some merino that I hand dyed and handspun probably a year or more ago. And I looovvvve it. There are little bits of pink in there. I don't know what I was thinking but I want to reproduce it!

Socks for Nicky, and the first one fits him perfectly. Honestly, I wasn't sure about using that color for the heel... but I wanted to use up some old sock yarns I had laying around. I love how they're turning out, now. They have a really charming, scrappy look, imo.


Anonymous said...

I love the socks! I hope everything starts moving along smoothly for you.

amandajean said...

the contrasting yarn is a fun touch to the socks. i love it!