Friday, February 27, 2009

The sickies are OUTTA heah...

And that means now I can finally get back to crafting. I had no motivation or energy or TIME to do anything before. The kids spent the whole of their Feb vacation sick- we all did. I lost 15 lbs so what the hell, I'm gonna run with that.

Well, during the time I was sick, I won THIS! 12 quarters of fabric that I adore... I mean really adore. The larger prints, I don't know what to do with them yet, they're too pretty to cut. I won these from:

Thank you again!!!

So. Before I got sick, this is what I did. These Irish Chain Quilts take maybe a week if you're a die- hard quilter- at least the tops only take about a week. I'm going to hand quilt the top of this and it's going to be for our bed. Our bedroom really needs some fixing up- it's so utilitarian right now in a lot of ways, because I've been focusing on upgrading the downstairs furniture.

I know next, I'm making a doll quilt or two; then a pineapple quilt (omg I love those...) and I have a small list of things I need to do. And I need to get one of those plates that goes over the feed dogs; I don't have the one that should have come with this machine.

THIS. This here is a quilt I made years ago when I didn't know what the hell I was doing. The back of it has bunches of thread where the tension wasn't right, lol. But Nicky loves this quilt and no matter where I put it, he finds it and he curls up with it at night, along with his blankie. I am going to tear it apart and make a new quilt out of it. It's the size of a lap/ crib quilt. And it has duckies! And bugs! And lots of flannel!

...I broke down and I started some knitting yesterday. Had a female doc appt where I had to be drugged a little and I was nervous, so I started a pair of wool pants for Nicky. He's still in diapers, and I cloth diaper him most of the time when we're at home. Even if he potty trains tomorrow (he won't...) these are so comfy to wear to bed. Patons Merino, of which I plan to buy more asap!!!
(pattern: I'm just doing a simple pair, knitting as I go, because I've made soooo many pairs, but my favorite patterns are Warm Heart Woolies and Fern and Faerie. I think I own most of the wool patterns out there, and they're all great... but I like these designers the best.)

Sicky Nicky. He is better now... Boy in the 'hood.

Tony with dada. Tony isn't pouting he's biting his lip. I took 6 pics and this one was the most 'normal' I can get. Mostly because MIKE is a goofball with the camera. But he's a hell of a photographer and he won't admit it. He's so cute; I love him. (we've been together 11 years)


Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

congrats on winning the fabric! yay! but being sick...uggh...not so fun!

the red and white quilt top is fabulous! i'm planning on starting one for our bed in those colors, but certainly not the intricate block design you have here...i think i'll have to work my way up to that level of's beautiful! :-D

jess said...

I assure you, it is not intricate- or I wouldn't be able to do it. :o) It's a nine patch and a big white square next to it. I swear, this isn't complicated; it's an illusion!