Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NOW I am done with winter.

I was so happy- jolly about all this white shit all over the place and now I'm not. I want spring. I want to walk. I want to be WARM outside. Not hot, just warm. I want to go up Beech Hill without falling on my face because of the ice. I am running out of things to amuse me. I want to sit outside with my friends at night and enjoy a few adult beverages after the kids go to bed.

Winter madness has set in. I even finally broke down and bought a coat.

Ok so quilting:

I whipped this up in a few weeks in early January---

I love how some of the squares are slightly different and that one 'o' that's in there. (read: I love how well I improvised when I ran out of fabric!) It fits a toddler bed perfectly, imo... it's just under 60" by 60". I over-tied it, I'm sure. I used black. I love how puffy the quilt is. I love how in-your-face country it is. I love how SQUARE it is. Because right now, I am challenging myself on a pink quilt- it's all different shapes and sizes. I need structure. I don't know if I can do it much longer. Anyway, check this out.

My first ever Irish Chain Quilt. The blue and red I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Love that place. The back I got from a local shop, it was Christmas fabric that was on sale. Fits a toddler bed perfectly, but it's a couch quilt. Not bad for a mostly beginner. I LOVE this pattern. This is my new favorite, although I've always been partial to log cabin quilts. I'm iffy about triangles- I'll do them if I have to. But squares. STRUCTURE. These are good things.

I learned a lot on this quilt, that I finished around... eh, last week-ish. I learned about bunching, or dimpling, as I call it. Dimpling is smaller than bunching. ; ) I learned about how NOT to put the binding on next time. I learned about simplicity and complexity. I also learned how to hand-quilt... and fairly well. See?

Still trying to get the bugs out the macro feature. But I got 8-10 sts/". I prefer about 8. And I love how 6 looks.
I love everyone's quilts. I love looking at a finished quilt with uneven stitches... I know that the creator was a beginner that did a great job... or that the creators all worked on something at different skill levels. It's neat. I hate that other people try to tell me what's perfect. I already KNOW what's perfect. And they are wrong.

Kid sewing pic:

Tony's first stitches! He actually did pretty well. This was taken a month or two ago.
N likes to help sew sometimes, too.


Anonymous said...

I love your quilts! I think that you should pack up the kids and come visit me since it is in the 70's here.

jess said...

I'm there, dude. Today it's going to be in the 50's and I didn't wear a coat this morning. It felt great. This is tank top weather for me!!!

Sandra said...

beautiful quilts! this makes me want to get back in my sewing room ;)

Gail :) said...

Congratulations Jess, you won my fabric giveaway! Please email me with your mailing address and I will put it in the mail tomorrow!