Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No picktcha.

I always feel guilty not adding a picture of whatever is going on when I post a blog, so I don't post one. Haha. Mike got a digital camera as a gift from work (they are generous!) for Christmas, but we can't seem to get it working. Not to mention I HATE taking pictures of myself. Tell me you all agonize over your photos, too!

What's going on here... We're on a loaner laptop- again- because Nicky the Nut peeled off all the keys from the other one, again. We hide our laptop under the couch at night so he can't destroy it in the morning if he gets up before us... but he did this with us in the same room, distracted by Family Guy. :-x You should see how we have to secure this place at night from him, lol. That kid... he's a scamp, but he's a cute little scamp.

Tony update: He's doing much better in school! That school does so much for him. If they don't know what to do, they FIND a way. They work with me and I love them... and they ALL love him. The other kids reach out to him to make him talk. He's a very friendly kid and he loves to socialize. Academically, he's doing better. We are working on word recognition, and sentence building, and phonics. I cannot say enough wonderful things about his teachers, esp. Mrs. N and Mr. S. They aren't robot- like with him; they are warm and encouraging, and challenging. I can't wait for Nicky to get there next year. We are looking at T & N going to summer school there this summer... and I will likely keep T back a year... I don't know yet... depends on his progress between now and May. He IS making leaps and bounds.

Nicky... his behavior is challenging us a lot, but we're finding ways to nip it in the bud. We're learning how his brain works, so we can help him more. I don't think he wants to act like a shit, he just doesn't know how to communicate well yet. Lately, he's been very upset about something but I don't know what, and it concerns me a lot. We've had some issues with the preschool. I don't get them- they seem so helpful, but then they act like douchebags. Some of you know what I'm talking about, because we've talked about it privately. I do like his one-on-one teacher a lot; she is a wonderful woman, and she does so much for him. But back to N: he can label just about anything, but he still doesn't communicate much. He won't always tell me what he wants, and even then I've got to prompt him through whining. He knows all his colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. We're working on word recognition and sentence building. He's a daddy's boy, but he and I are getting closer lately. I love it. :o) Him mama's bebe. Tony's mama's big boy.

I have recently discovered that I am addicted to hand quilting. I just started... but I can already do 8 sts/" evenly. I prefer the stitches' appearance at 5 sts/" but I know this quilt is gonna get kicked around more than a... a... hm, insert dirty thought there... so I'm making it with smaller stitches. I am quilting an Irish Chain Quilt right now.

Mike: had back surgery, is flexing is foot more now, and loves his new job @ Boston Financial. With all the craziness of the past few years, things are falling into place. I have been humbled by the insanity and I am very happy right now!

Lunch: Spaghetti with a modified version of Joe's famous marinara sauce... dinner: pork chops, made however Mike wants to make them, and stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green beans.

For those of you who know about ma being very sick, she may be coming home tomorrow, and she is getting out of ICU today. I am still shocked and scared, but I never, ever lose hope, or faith. It's hard to get those two things, but once you have them, they are there for life.

love you guys!


Anonymous said...

wow girlie, you have a lot on your plate. I'm glad the boys are making so much progress. Glad to hear that Mike is doing well too. Oh and yes I agonize about my pictures, I hate being in pics. Glad mom is doing well. My prayers are still with her. I hope she continues to heal quickly. As for you, you are just a nut but I love ya!

Wendy and Brent said...

The boys sound like the are progressing wonderfully. Congrats on the new job for Mike. I am sorry your mom has been sick. I hope she feels better.