Monday, January 26, 2009

I wish I was in Dixie...

Because I'm pretty sure it isn't 15* with a wind chill of even colder there.

I still can't get teensy tiny shots of my quilt, even with the damn macro/micro thing. But I am almost done. And boy, have I learned a lot about quilting this time.

1. It's really best to quilt from the middle, outward... and it's not going to help you if you just sort of quilt where you feel like it. Bunching, people.
2. I can make tiny stitches!
3. I am going to baste at least every 2" and I will dare the mofo to bunch on me after that.

Next quilt is going to have a buttload of pink in it. Now why would a gal that usually lives in black make something pink? I love pink. I LOVE pink. I just don't like to WEAR pink. And I am going to break my own rule because I am going to work on two projects at once... I am also going to make a quilt with tiny tiny squares. I made N a baby quilt like that a few years ago, and it was so much fun. I did that before I knew ANYTHING about quilting. One of those quilts will be machine quilted and the other one will be hand quilted. I really love hand quilting.

What else is up? Lots of black coffee, some cleaning, lots and LOTS of playing with the kids and reading to them. T can recognize so many new words, and it's giving him a lot of confidence!

I love that N is letting me read to him now; usually, he would rather flip through the book on his own. His behavior was rough on Saturday, but once I started with time outs for a minute or two at a time, he settled quite a bit.

Tony cracked me up earlier- he took an apple, and the letter 'a' off the fridge and he threw them in the toilet. I calmly lead him to time out, and I told him it wasn't ok, asked him why he did it. I walked over to my cookbook, and he said happily, 'I'm sorry.' I just held out my arms and let him come running. I never let them bail out of time out, but he's never done that unprompted, either. I was so proud of him for that.

Looking forward to shopping this weekend... more fabric, maybe a sewing machine so mom can have hers back, and ordering some furniture I really need for this place.

love you guys!

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