Sunday, January 18, 2009

A few things that make me happy...

It's snowing. It has been really cold for about a week and we can't go out and do anything except the carpool. I need a little reminder of things I love.
This is a bouquet of dried flowers I got up the road at Weskeag Farms, and it's on an old wooden breakfast-in-bread tray I found a few years ago...

My quilt! Machine pieced, and hand quilted. Although there's a little dimpling here and there in the back (no bunching!), I still love it. I couldn't get a close-up of the stitches, but I'm getting at best about 8 sts/" and at worst, about 6 sts/". I'm proud of that, since I just started. This is called an Irish Chain. Tony and Nicky are getting good at sewing, and I'm going to have each of them make a pillow this winter!!!

Speaking of Nicky, my little bug. Just before I took this picture, he said, 'book.' Yes, this is the SAME Nicky that dumped out an entire bag of bread flour on the living room carpet this morning, along with chocolate pudding mix, because I wasn't out of bed at 7 am. @@ Same kid that trashed the place. (and cleaned it all up!) See that book he's reading? I think it's older than mom, despite not being on a stone tablet. It's the Three Little Pigs. He LOVES it, I think mostly for the pictures. He is a charming, loveable kid. Especially when he's falling asleep... yesterday, he was really challenging. (background: he has moderate autism... I don't like mentioning it, but only because I want people to see him as a little boy and not a diagnosis, yanno?) I didn't even want to deal with him by bedtime. I sat in my favorite chair, next to his bed, to make sure he didn't get up and he went to bed. He looked so charming and quiet, so I climbed in with him, and I cuddled a very contented looking little boy till he fell asleep, smiling, in my arms. It's those moments that stop me from grabbing the keys and dropping him off at the fire station.

Oh, and that blankie he's got in his lap? Mama made that. :-D

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Gena said...

I love those first two pictures. The flowers and quilt are great!! But I can't get enough of Mr. Nicky!!!! How wonderful is he! I know a little trying but ya gotta love them! The girls are sewing too. They really love to sew!