Thursday, October 16, 2008

The sky is not the limit.

I love that quote. :o) It's been really hard to remember that lately. I have it rough but I have a more charmed life than I care to realize sometimes. During the roughest day, I can look outside and see the colors of the trees against the blue (or gray) sky... I live within a five minute walk to the ocean...
I have to deal with a lot with the kids' schools and the KIDS themselves, but I do manage to get quite a bit of knitting done- 15 mins while the potatoes are boiling... 10 mins between time outs... a damn lucky hour after cleaning and before picking up T... I make it happen.
Stole... When that ball of yarn runs out, I'm done. And when it's done, it will be stretched out quite a bit and you can see how wide it really is! The knitting is mesmerizing and simple, and the results are wonderful.

And this sock... noting the Wee in the background. Just turned the heel on it! Obviously I'm knitting from the toe-up, and the colors are a lot of fun. I had forgotten how much fun and how simple sock yarn could be!

Nicky, and yes he gots big peepers. I'm a sucker for a kid in flannel. He's eating grapes, which is why he made that face. This is a hat I made a few months ago. It's fair isle.

close-up... seriously, this camera is frustrating me.


Gena said...

I think that saying is great Jess! I recall something a missionary said recently in church. "Don't compare yourself to those who have more, compare to those who have less." It will really make you appreciate what you have! You have 2 wonderful boys. The trials you go through with them are miracles! Instead of bitching about them constantly, you focus on the positive things! You are a wonderful mother and I love you! Oh and I'm so jealous about the knitting! You need to come to Beaver and show me how to knit. hehehe

Gena said...

Hey I just nominated you on my blog! Come get your award!

Wendy and Brent said...

Jump over to my blog. I nominated you as mom of the year. Jump over to see the rules