Friday, October 10, 2008

Bout time, bub...

All I had was a phone camera that doesn't take the best pics, so we got a digital camera last night.

So, some knitting progress...

This is a vest I need to finish for Nick, I just got bored with it. Almost done, too. I got this from an AS book I borrowed from the library, damned if I can remember the name. It's the instructional FI book she has, though.

Fish and Anchors, from Children's Collection, second size. This fits Tony well, and I made it extra long because I don't like seeing kids' skin showing when they bend over during playtime.

...some angora from Fiber Frolic that I'm using shortly to make fingerless gloves. I detest the whole idea of fingerless gloves- knit the fucking fingers already! But, even at 31, I have arthritis in my hands, and that makes winter knitting difficult.

A stole. I'm using a modified version of an IK pattern. These things are perfect if you want a sort-of shawl and you don't have the yarn or the money. I had this yarn sitting in my closet and I finally put it to good use.

Still fighting to the death with this damn camera, I'll add more later!

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Anonymous said...

awesome knitting miss thang!